Water Supply & Sanitation

We at DDC with our services strive to provide access our population to safe water and a clean environment. We help our communities across the country to achieve water supply security and improved sanitation. Our water and sanitation experts work closely with experts from diverse departments i.e. department of environment, health, natural resources and rural development, transportation and construction. Our experts are capable having depth experience of managing projects from start to finish. Broad areas of services include feasibility studies, development plans, process studies, modelling of treatment processes, networks and automation; design and tendering documents for water supply, waste water treatment, sludge management, pumping stations, water and sewage networks and transfer lines, water management engineering and modelling, risk analyses, social and environmental assessments & audits, water supply and sewerage master plans for urban & rural areas, automation and instrumentation studies, industrial wastewater surveys and terms of agreements with water works, support for water and wastewater utility management and benchmarking, institutional development & training, rural and urban water supply and sanitation, project implementation & management etc.