Roads, Highways, Railway & Bridges

DDC is one of the leader in roads, highways, railways and bridges consulting with capabilities covering the full spectrum of planning, design and construction supervision. Our portfolio includes some of the most prestigious developments across the country.


The services provided by DDC includes:

  • Inventory, condition and traffic survey;
  • Detailed final location survey;
  • Geotechnical and Hydrological survey;
  • Material investigation.
  • Engineering study and design;
  • Road safety audit;
  • Economic and financial assessment;
  • Poverty and social assessment;
  • Resettlement indigenous people planning;
  • Detailed engineering design & drawing for Alignment and embankment, Railway track and track substructure, Bridges and culverts, Railway station, siding, yards, Universal design, Signaling system.
  • Environmental and climate change risk assessment; and
  • Procurement assistance;