DDC realizes the criticality of system safety in railway projects and have detailed plans in place to ensure that we fully address industry and client requirements at all stages of railway project’s development.

Together with developing new systems, we help our clients modernize their existing installations to improve overall efficiency and capacity. Our experts have plenty of experience of top-functional, non-functional, and performance modelling and provide support in related disciplines such as reliability, availability and maintainability and human factors.

Broad range of services provided in railway/MRT sector by DDC includes permanent way: design, track materials and rolling stock; bridges and tunnels: design, technical assistance and clearance analysis; signaling and EMF: signaling design, advice and technical assistance; civil construction: design/technical assistance; transportation studies: technical transport studies; conceptual designs; analysis for railway infrastructure; construct ability and feasibility studies; operational and occupational safety.

Engineering and management consultancy includes planning, cost control and procurement; project planning and scheduling; rolling stock specification and utilization; launch, control of execution and closing of the contract; construction supervision/inspection; environmental audits, quality and safety in construction design, management, coordination and inspection phases; technical audits/inspections; rams; testing of bridges; geotechnical monitoring; topographical survey and monitoring.