International Clients

DDC also provides services to the following international donor agencies

  Asian Development Bank

·       Canadian International Development Agency

·       Danish International Development Agency

·       Department for International Development (DFID) of UK

·       Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT), Govt. of Canada

·       DUTCH

·       European Economic Commission

·       Food and Agriculture Organisation

·       German Society for Technical Cooperation (GTZ)

·       Islamic Development Bank

·       Japan Bank of International Cooperation

·       Japan International Cooperation Agency

 Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development

·       Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau (KfW)

·       Ministry of Communication, Transport, Posts and Construction, Laos PDR

·       Organization of Islamic Countries

·       Overseas Development Administration

·       Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund

·       Swedish Development Corporation

·       Swedish International Development Agency

·       United Nations Development Programme

·       United States Agency for International Development

·       World Bank – IDA & IBRD

DDC has a huge number of international associates with whom the company has successfully completed and currently completing a large number of projects. Some of the major associates are listed below.

   Abdullah Ali Habshi, Kuwait

·       Anutech Pte Ltd., Australia

·       BCEOM, France

·       Beca Worley International Ltd., New Zealand

·       Black & Veatch International, USA

·       Brian MacKay-Lyons Architecture & U.D., Canada

·       Brown & Root Services Ltd., Australia

·       CEBTP, France

·       China International Engineering Consulting Corporation, China

·       Chou Kaihatsu Corporation, Japan

·       Consultants for Development Programmes, The Netherlands

·       Consulting Engineering Services (I) Ltd., India

·       Danish Hydraulic Institute, Denmark

·       De Leuw Cather International, USA

·       Delcan International Corporation, Canada

·       Dohwa Engineering Co. Ltd. Korea

·       DHV Consultants BV, The Netherlands

·       GITEC Consultant GmbH

·       Harza Engineering Company International L.P, USA

·       Haskoning – Royal Dutch Consulting Engineers & Architects, The Netherlands;

·       Heerim Architects & Planners Co. Ltd., Korea

·       Hifab International AB, Sweden

·       Howard Humphreys & Partners, UK

·       Hunting Technical Services, UK

·       Interdesign Co., Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand

·       Ilshin Hitec Co., Ltd., Korea

·       Jaakko Poyry Consulting OY, Finland

·       Japan Bridge and Structures Institute

·       Japan Engineering Consultants Co. Ltd., Japan

·       Japan International Cooperation Agency

·       Japan Overseas Consultants Co. Ltd., Japan

·       Kampsax International A/S, Denmark

·       KTA Tenga sdn bbd, Malaysia

  L & M Pre-stressing, Singapore

·       Lahmeyer International, Germany

·       M.D. Pamir and E. Gumruk Associates, Turkey

·       Morrison Knudsen Corporation, USA

·       Mott Ewbank & Preece, UK

·       Mott MacDonald Ltd., UK

·       Mouchel International Consultancy, UK

·       Nippon Koei Co., Japan

·       Northwest Hydraulic Consultants, Canada

·       Operations Research Group, India

·       O’Sullivan and Graham Ltd., UK

·       P49 Deesign Woodhead International, Bangkok, Thailand

·       Pacific Consultants International, Japan

·       Ramboll, Denmark

·       Roughton & Partners, UK

·       Rounthwaite, Dick and Hadley Architects (RDH), Canada

·       Rust PPK, Australia

·       Sheladia Associates Inc., USA

·       Sir William Halcrow  & Partners, UK

·       Snowy Mountain Engineering Corporation, Australia

·       Society Mixte d’Etude et de Development (SMED), Lao PDR

·       Southeast Asia Technology Co., Ltd., Thailand

·       Steen Consultants, Singapore

·       STUP Consultants Pvt. Ltd., India

·       Swedforest Consulting AB of Sweden

·       Taiyo Consultants Co. Ltd., Japan

·       TAMS Consultants Inc. (Tams), USA

·       TANVEC, UK

·       TRRL, UK

·       VICOM Ltd., Singapore

·       Wartsila Power, Hong Kong

·       WSPimc, UK

·       Yooshin Engineering Corporation, Korea