GIS & Mapping

We DDC provide our excellent GIS services in the projects which covers but not least to the following aspects:

Business Analysis

We provide GIS analysis for location planning, facility optimization, and land development to make better, more effective business decisions and the power of geocoding to optimize marketing campaigns.

Cadastral Data Creation, Management, and Analysis

We provide GIS analysis for legal boundaries of an area including parcels, easements, and municipal limits for assessment and future development through Cadastral Data Analysis, Creation, and Management.

Environmental Mapping and Analysis

We illustrate and locate natural features and phenomena such as mineral deposits, soil type, forestation, species habitation, agriculture land, waterways, and floodplains through Environmental Analysis and Mapping.

Geopolitical/Community Mapping and Analysis

We help manage your project more effectively by visually illustrating demographic, social, political and economic patterns as well as the location of development projects that impact your community through Geopolitical and Community Mapping and Analysis.

Infrastructure Mapping and Analysis

We help visualize, catalog, manage, and know where your utilities, transportation features, and structures are located through Infrastructure Mapping and Analysis.

3D Mapping and Modelling

We add dimension to topographic and surface mapping and create a more realistic analysis of land slope, flood inundation, and building geometry through 3D Mapping and Modeling.

LiDAR Mapping and Analysis

We generate, manipulate and produce the data essential for an accurate, precise, and dimensional representation of a mapping area by using LiDAR.

Transportation Mapping and Analysis

We understand the geographic distribution of your routes and facilities to better plan and optimize your transportation network through GIS Transportation Mapping, Modeling, and Analysis.