Environmental & Social Impact Studies

We put managing, protecting and restoring the environment and social aspects as one of our major concern in our services. DDC provides a full range of EIA and SEA services to clients across all our sectors and throughout all our operating areas. We provide our environmental and social consultancy services for the aspects related to the followings:

Acoustics, Noise & Vibration; Air Quality; Archaeology & Heritage; CFD, Wind & Energy; Carbon & Energy Management; Civil & Structural Engineering; Ecology; Environmental and Sustainability Training; Geology; Geotechnical Engineering; Hazardous Material Management; Highways & Transportation Planning; Hydrology & Hydrogeology; Land Quality & Remediation; and Surveying; Landscape Architecture; Marine Science; Master planning, Urban and Sustainable Design Practice; Mine Waste Engineering; Occupational Hygiene; Oil & Gas Advisory Services; Oil Spill Prevention, Preparedness & Response; Process Engineering & Process Safety; Risk Assessment & Toxicology; Soil Science; Transactional Due Diligence; Waste Management