DDC Reference Library


The technical library at DDC is one of the most complete technical libraries in the country. It contains over 20,000 selected reference books. The collection is continuously being developed to meet the foreseeable requirements of the users.

Major classifications include:

  • Manuals for Operating Systems, Application Software, Network Software, Network Design, Hardware Maintenance, Trouble Shooting, Utilities, Antivirus.
  • Standard manuals and codes for buildings, bridges, materials, design and construction.
  • Reference and textbooks in the architectural and technical engineering areas.
  • Related reports, documents and maps.
  • Manuals and guidelines for socio-economic and environmental surveys, analysis and monitoring.

The DDC Library is now installing its automation system using customized software. This is expected to be the first on-line automated library operation system introduced among consulting firms in Bangladesh. The library will utilize a computerized database circulation system for record keeping, reservation and searching by the users from a distant station through network. The system will have the capability of maintaining an on-line system providing a rich option of MIS reports. It also will have the capability to generate Bar Code identification tags both for books and users.


The Library database will be functional not only from terminals of the Library but also from 150 terminals spread over the DDC Centre through a LAN, which is connected with the main server of the DDC Information Services. The rapid growth in the collection, professional competence and interest of the library staff and professionals, the utilization of the latest techniques in providing efficient service and the active cooperation of the Library staff, all work together to assure all user groups of DDC the finest library assistance available.