DDC Geo-Technical Laboratory

DDC’s Geotechnical and material Laboratory is a specialized laboratory for all sorts of engineering tests including exploration, data collection, data processing and report preparations. A brief on the works and laboratory facilities are appended below

DDC has several units of field exploratory and testing equipment such as drilling rigs and accessories to perform borings, SPT, disturbed/undisturbed sampling and various testing in accordance with ASTM/BS standard. The field unit has also the facilities of DCP, Benkelman Beam Deflection Test, Field CBR, Vane Shear, Torvane Shear, Pocket penetrometer, Micro cover meter etc. For field exploration and testing about 35 experienced engineers, geologists, drillers, supervisors and helpers are employed full time.

DDC is in the process of transforming this laboratory into the most sophisticated one to meet the future demand

DDC has around 3600 sft. area of laboratory building equipped with well expensive type of equipment such as unconfined compression, consolidation, direct shear, triaxial shear, sand equivalent and others for testing of soil classification, compaction and strength characteristics etc. The laboratory has also construction materials testing facilities for compressive strength of concrete and cement, slump of concrete, AIV, ACV, flakyness index, in-situ strength test of concrete using smidth hammer, checking the existing reinforcement and covering etc. The equipment’s and tests are run by a set of well trained and experienced professionals and technicians. The laboratory can organize planning and control the soil and construction material testing programs to suit the nature of any project or study.

Thirty professionals and technicians in the central laboratory perform the laboratory tests of geotechnical engineering on the disturbed and undisturbed soil samples and prepare the geotechnical engineering reports based on the results of the field and laboratory tests. In the laboratory, for computation and reporting purposes, reliable computer software are used to perform the following test programs

  • Natural Water Content test program
  • Consolidation test program
  • Atterberg limit test program 
  • Direct shear test program
  • Particle size distribution including Hydrometer test program 
  •  Compaction test program
  • Unconfined compression test program 
  •  California bearing ratio (CBR) test program
  • Triaxial test programme