Duration: September, 1995-October, 1996 Second rural roads and markets improvement and maintenance project (rrmimp-2): early implementation of works in 1995-96


The main objective of the project was to construct 40 km of type-B Feeder Roads including 115 linear meters of structures in the Greater Dhaka district. The project comprised of 5 nos. of different roads and 8 nos. of structures.


Preparation for Implementation of the Works: Site inspection & meetings with LGED District & Thana staff, Prepared plan of operation, Defined financial management system, Defined monitoring and reporting system, Assisted LGED in contract bid evaluation and award, Assisted LGED to arrange availability of construction equipment in 5 districts, Define training program and prepared materials, Conducted training, including hands-on-training, in accounts / finance, Conducted training, including hands-on- training, in construction / contracting, Arrange laboratory & on-site testing facilities & define laboratory & on-site testing procedures.

Supervision of the Works: Monitored allocation, scheduling and distribution of construction equipment, Pre-work survey, Provided continuous on-site advice on construction methods and procedures, and monitored execution of work, Systematic and continuous monitoring and checking of quantities and quality of work items, Assisted in and supervise conduct of laboratory and field testing, Review and checked all payments to contractors, certified prepared claims for retro-active disbursement.

Monitoring and Reporting: Monthly progress report & Quarterly report, Assisted LGED in maintaining records and documentation, Prepared completion report.

Funding agency: IDA