Duration: October, 2010 -ongoing Preparation of detailed area development plan for the khulna master plan (2001) area project

The government has undertaking preparation of Detailed Area Planning (DAP) entire Master Plan Area will be considered as the Study Area. It will cover an area of 231.67 sq. km. (57,248 acre) which include the whole of Khulna City Corporation and Noapara Municipal Area, almost entire Fultala, Dighalia and Rupsa thanas, and parts of Batiaghata. Dumuria and Fakirhat thanas and will cover 93 numbers of Mouzas. The study area holds off 903,984 populations (BBS 1991) as the Khulna Master Plan 2001, the estimated population of the Master Plan Area in 2000 was 1,255,131. The entire Master Plan area should not be considered for Detailed Area Planning, this area is only for survey and study. After careful study of all factors the area for detailed area planning should be determined which will not be less than 30,000 acre of the total area.

– Primary and secondary control point establishment using RTK-GPS static survey technique;
– Physical feature, topographic and landuse survey using Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) and Total Station (TS);
– GCP survey using RTK-GPS/DGPS/TS;
– Socio-economic survey;
– Environmental survey;
– Traffic and transportation survey;
– Economic activities survey; and
– Development of GIS database.

Planning Packages:
The Detailed Area Plan (DAP) consists of:
– Land use plan;
– Development control and zoning plan;
– Transportation network plans;
– Drainage and environmental plans;
– Utility services plans (gas/water supply/electricity/telephone);
– New urban area development plan; and
– Special project plans

Funding agency: Government of Bangladesh