Duration: October, 1994-December, 2000 Dhaka integrated flood protection project (difpp)


Bangladesh suffered two of the most severe floods on record during 1987 and 1988. Even the Dhaka city (200 sq.km out of 26,600 ha) was submersed to varying depths for periods up to week. In order to protect Dhaka city this project was undertaken under ADB finance. This project (FAP-8B) was a part of FAP and was a priority project of the govt. This provided protection to about 13,600 ha area in the highly urbanised westerly part of the city including additional works of flood protection wall around Dhaka-Narayangonj-Demra zone and flood protection bund around Zia International Airport.


– Provided all services required by PMO for overall technical and financial management of the project.
– Assisted PMO to control, supervise, monitor and evaluate the works of detailed design, construction supervision.
– Prepared all kinds of papers, documents and reports required by Technical Committee, Steering Committee, FPCO and ADB.
– Provided technical support for drainage improvement of the Dhaka City in planning, design and implementation of the project component.
– Provided institutional support for management of environmental improvement of the city including slum improvements, benefit monitoring of target groups etc.

Funding agency: Asian Development Bank