Duration: October, 1992-April, 1994 210 mw chittagong thermal power station


Bangladesh Power Development Board signed a turnkey contract with China National Machinery and Equipment Import and Export Corporation (CMEC) for installation of 210 MW Thermal Power Plant including related auxiliaries and ancillaries, under supplier credit. The main features of the turnkey contract consisted of design manufacture, supply, erection, installation of a 210 MW Thermal Power Plant using natural gas. The Power Plant comprised of a tandem compound, three casing, double flow, reheat, condensing cycle steam turbine, super high pressure, natural circulating drum, stream generator of capacity 680 ton/hr at 140 kg/cm2 and 541°C and a two pole cylindrical rotor type hydrogen cooled synchronous generator directly coupled with the steam turbine of capacity 15.75 kV, 247000 kVA and 0.85 power factor, along with 2×150 MVA transformer at the Power Station and 2×150/150/60 MVA transformer at Hathazari Sub-station. The project also included associated switch gears, 22.5 Km long 230 KV transmission line with 75 nos. green field tower of average height 36m, communication system, cooling tower intake water pump station and intake pipe line, water treatment and hydrogen generating and chemical plants, and related auxiliaries including instrumentation and control system.


(1) Supervision of construction and erection work of electrical, mechanical, I&C work and water treatment plant; (2) Assessment of the current status of the project concentrating of mechanical, electrical and I&C areas; (3) Evaluation of the current status in respect of commissioning activities and work in progress; (4) Identification of major problem areas including safety standards and fire hazards and appraising the client and contractor regarding such maters; (5) Maintaining operational records including photographic records of selected parts of the project; (6) Highlighting major activities/events in the progress of the project; (7) Supervision of field tests for electrical, mechanical, I&C works and assisting the client’s testing and commissioning team during the pre-commissioning tests; (8) Supervision and witnessing of 72 hour continuous operation test, load rejection test, performance guarantee tests of the power plant; (9) Checking of all “As Built” drawings and operation & maintenance manuals of plant equipment submitted by the contractor; (10) Submission of monthly, quarterly and final reports to the client about the current status of the project. The reports contained a narrative of the status of the project, with the events of the period clearly listed along with operational records and photographs as well as the consultant’s recommendation; and (11) Assisting the client in providing the contractor with continuous operation test certificate, taking over certificate and draft final acceptance certificate.

Funding agency: Suppliers Credit from China and Government of Bangladesh