Duration: October, 1991-September, 1995 Systems rehabilitation project


A pre-feasibility had identified that many of these projects required rehabilitation due to lack of proper maintenance, and construction was not fully or properly completed, changes in hydrologic and hydraulic conditions since initial planning, inadequate training of operation and maintenance personnel. The project incorporated the following components;

– Rehabilitation improvement and maintenance of some 80 sub-projects
– Improved O&M of four sub-projects
– On firm development works in two sub-projects
– Training of BWDB staff for O&M and strengthening BWDB’s training and staff development
– Benchmark and evaluation studies of 10 selected sub-projects

The other part of the project incorporated the following:
– Preparation of feasibility studies and detailed designs for the rehabilitation and improvement of 65 sub projects
– Provision of technical assistance for training of BWDB staff and beneficiaries
– Review and completion of detailed engineering designs for 16 priority sub-projects.


– Carrying out field survey and investigation
– Socio economic studies, economic evaluation
– Computer based statistical analysis
– Detailed design, cost estimate and preparation of drawings, including preparation of operation and maintenance plan
– Carrying out environmental studies
– Preparation of operation and maintenance plan and manuals
– Carrying out training programme for maintenance and operation of BWDB staff and beneficiaries.

Funding agency: EEC