Duration: October, 1988-November, 1990Khulna coastal embankment rehabilitation project


The objectives of this ADB financed project was to assess the condition and utility of 5 polders totaling 31,900 hectares of land in the coastal belt near Khulna city and take necessary measures to rehabilitate or improve the Khulna Coastal Embankment System. The system was designed for flood control and improvement of the irrigation in the project area. The expected out come from this project was significant increase in agricultural productivity, thereby improving socio-economic conditions of the poor people in the area.


The consultancy services included assisting Chuo Kaihatsu Corporation (CKC) of Japan in carrying out the following tasks.

– Review of available data on irrigation, flood and agriculture in the project area
– Topographical survey and analysis of aerial photographs
– Geotechnical investigation
– Design of bank protection works
– Detailed design of flood control and irrigation facilities
– Design for rehabilitation of bridges
– Preparation of cost estimates, specifications and tender documents
– Evaluation and improvement of operation and maintenance and training aspects
– Evolving construction techniques
– Project management and construction supervision
– Preparation of reports, conducting seminars and training sessions.

Funding agency: Asian Development Bank