Duration: November, 2009-December, 2017 Emergency 2007 cyclone recovery & restoration project (ecrrp-bwdb part), ida cr. No. 4507-bd: project management, design & supervision of rehabilitation of infrastructures damaged by the cyclone sidr in 3 districts of southern bangladesh [contract package no. Bwdb/c2/s-1]

The cyclone named “SIDR” hit the southern coastal region of Bangladesh on 15th November, 2007. The overall project objective is to support the Government of Bangladesh efforts to facilitate recovery from the damage to livelihoods and infrastructure caused by Cyclone Sidr and to build long-term preparedness through strengthened disaster risk reduction and management. The key performance indicators are: (i) Rehabilitation of infrastructure (e.g. embankments, protective works, water control structures, disaster shelter etc.); (ii) Recovery of agriculture sector and livelihoods, Strengthened disaster risk management.
The objective of the Component C (Rehabilitation of Coastal Embankments) is prevention of saline inundation during normal weather and sustained crop production made possible by reducing cyclone damage. This will be achieved through the following sub-components:
– Rehabilitation of coastal embankments: Rehabilitation / repair of BWDB’s coastal embankments and related infrastructures damaged by Cyclone SIDR on 15th November 2007 in ten worst affected Upazillas of three coastal districts (Patuakhali, Barguna and Pirojpur) up to the improved design standards to minimize damages to the lives & properties of the coastal communities in future from saline inundation and similar cyclonic surges; and
– Design and construction supervision of coastal embankments: Consultancy services for surveys, designs, environmental and social impact assessments, environmental and resettlement management plans, and construction supervision for embankments.

– Review and update screening criteria for damage assessment and selection of scheme;
– Survey, design, estimate, bid document, bid evaluation and award of NCB/ICB contract;
– Environmental, social assessment and management plan;
– Supervision of construction works, contract management;
– Land acquisition;
– Project management support and coordination;
– Development of financial management system;
– Operational specific risk and governance aspect; and
– Reporting.
Funding agency: The World Bank / International Development Association (IDA)