Duration: May, 2015-July, 2016 Consultancy services for preparation of action area plan for narayangonj city corporation under preparation of action area plan for narayangonj and gazipur city corporation


Naryanganj, Siddirganj and Kodom Rasul City together declared to Naryanganj City Corporation dated on 05/05/2011. The area of the City Corporation is 72.43 sq. Km. The City Corporation has national importance due to closure to capital and dominating industrial and business activities. Considering geographical benefits every day numbers of infrastructure are constructed in these area.

Naryanganj City Corporation will be considered as the Study Area. Plans, maps and information from secondary sources will analysis for whole study area. The consultant will select the specific areas for Action Area Plan by consultation with project and city corporation authority. Areas of the Action Area Plan will cover approximate 60 percent of the City Corporation area.

The main objectives of the AAP project are as follows:
• Formulation of Action Area Plan for provision of Municipal facilities to meet basic infrastructure needs;
• Facilitate to improve environment of the Cities; and
• To formulate polices for the best use of land and its control.


– Mobilization, reconnaissance survey, consultation and submission of inception and review report;
– Mouza map processing: Collection of CS, RS and latest (if available) mouza maps, scanning, digitization, inventory;
– Preparation of land use, physical feature, topographic and municipal services/facilities identification survey;
– Others survey: Traffic and transportation, drainage & environmental, socio-economic, economy & commerce, collection of documents, secondary information and statistical data regarding demographic, economic, environmental, commerce and other relevant issues and
– Submission of final reports (English and Bangla) and plan maps.

Funding agency: Government of Bangladesh