Duration: March, 2016 -May, 2016 Detailed design and engineering work (ddew) for abdul monem economic zone


Abdul Monem Economic Zone (AMEZ) of the pioneer Economic Zone (EZ) projects in Bangladesh. It is created “10 Million Job Creation Plan” for young people and support to Government for economic prospect under BEZA. AMEZ is the first private EZ project in greater Dhaka which will contribute to the National Goal of becoming a middle income country by 2025. AMEZ will followed a market driven approach to be a commercially successful project able to attract high quality foreign and local investors. AMEZ will providing special area with world class facility where entrepreneurs/investors could find a congenial investment climate and ensuring cost effective production facilities for diversified industries with modular factory structures. AMEZ projects to be a new business for the Monem Group as a show case to other private companies.

Scope of work for detail design are as follows:
• Source of portable water and distribution system, Water treatment plant, Waste water pipe network, Waste water treatment plant, Drainage system, Entrance road, Road network, Retaining wall and slope protection, Footpath, Power distribution network, Telecommunication and internet work, Power plant, Landscape design, Jetty, Master plan, Water front design, Fire fighting system, Custom bounded area, and Cost schedule.


– Check the preliminary conceptual design of JDI;
– Design of underground reservoir, evaluated water tank, deep well and collection & distribution networks, waste water and drainage network system;
– Conceptual design (environmental and preliminary design) including intake, transmission, plant & distribution system, turnkey detail etc.;
– Preparation of detail design on mild pump, pump house for discharging and outlet of excessive rain water from catchment area and gray water from industrial use (sluice gate and slipway);
– Review and modify the AMEZ road network and pavement designed in the master plan;
– Detail design of boundary wall, retaining wall and slope protection etc. Study of existing boundary wall;
– Footpath considering gas pile/all utilities network designed;
– Design of power distribution network considering the source of internal and external supply;
– Location of substation and electrical poles design reviewed;
– Detail telecommunication and the internet network design as per client’s requirement;
– Tender document preparation for turnkey type procurement of the power plant / generator;
– AMEZ landscape design;
– Conceptual design and specification for design of jetty;
– Preparation and making of bid for 25 MW power plant;
– Revised layout of plots, roads etc.;
– Preparation of design water body – side slopes, materials, green belt, walkway and landscape;
– Preparation of design of fire station and hydrant & design the system;
– Preparation of design of custom bonded area demarcation / fencing etc.;
– Preparation of design of phasing / road map for CETP / WTP / road networks and all other utilities; and
– Preparation of reports and engineering drawings of each and individual design works.

Funding agency: Abdul Monem Economic Zone Limited