Duration: March, 2016-February, 2022 Design and supervision consultancy of multipurpose disaster shelter (mdsp)



The objective of the Multipurpose Disaster Shelter Project (MDSP) for Bangladesh is to reduce the vulnerability of the coastal population in selected coastal districts of Bangladesh to natural disasters. The project has following three broad components:


(a)  Construction of new shelters: Construction of about 100 new multipurpose disaster shelters to enhance protection against future extreme natural disaster eve. Moreover, there would be some additional features, such as killas for sheltering livestock of the families threatened by such events to improve upon the functional capabilities and utility of the MPDSs. Such improvements are based on the experience with reluctance of people to promptly take shelter upon the receipt of warning;

(b)  Improvement of existing shelters: Repairs and improvement of about 200 existing shelters that are damaged or can no longer be used as disaster shelters due to some inadequacies in meeting the required standard; and

(c)        Improvements of communication network to shelters: Reconstruction / construction and repair of roads communication network to the shelters to improve upon access to these during evacuation from threatened locations.





Funding agency: World Bank and Govt. of Bangladesh