Duration: March, 2015 -February, 2017 Consultancy services for preparation of detailed area plan (2016-2035) for dmdp area (lot 2: part-b)


As the validity of current Detailed Area Plan (2010-2015) will expire after year 2015, RAJUK will need a revised Detailed Area Plan for the next 20-Year period (2016-2035) to regulate and control the future development of Dhaka City. Therefore, the preparation of revised Detailed Area Plan (2016-2035) needs to be started immediately so that RAJUK can make the new DAP effective right after the expiry of the current DAP. The detailed planning proposals of DAP will be based on the approved higher level plans. Part-B (76377 Hectares) represents eastern part. The boundary of the approved higher level plans of the study area can be described as follows:

• Western side encompassing areas under Part-A
• Gazipur City Corporation at north and end point is Rejendrapur intersection
• Dhaleshawri river, Narayanganj and Bandar Thana on the south
• Sitalakkhaya, Meghna river and Kanchan Paurashava on the east.

Comprehensive planning approach is a hierarchical approach where structure plan acts as a policy plan providing flexibility to the plan, Master Plan (in DMDP it is called Urban Area Plan) is a rigid plan developed following the policies of the structure plan and Detailed Area Plan (DAP) acts as the local level plan detailing the policies of structure plan and Master Plan. To fulfill the purpose of DAP, following broad-based key objectives need to be achieved.

• To update the existing database (Physical Feature, Topography, Land Use, Socioeconomic, Traffic & Transportation, etc.)
• To analyze existing Detailed Area Plan (DAP) (gazetted on 22 June 2010) on the basis of updated database
• To prepare revised DAP (2016-2035) according to the analysis of existing DAP and following the guidelines
• To adopt community based planning approach such as Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA) as a tool for the preparation of revised DAP


– Reconnaissance survey, project design;
– Collection of mouza maps, statistical data and information;
– Survey, base map preparation and 1st Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA);
– Review and analysis of Dhaka structure plan, existing detailed area plan and related studies of all line agencies;
– 2nd Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA) and submission of interim report;
– Preparation and submission of draft final report; and
– Submission of final report and maps.

Funding agency: Asian Development Bank and Government of Bangladesh