Duration: March, 2005-December, 2008 Preparation of detailed area plan (dap) for chittagong metropolitan master plan (cmmp)

The government has undertaking preparation of Detailed Area Plan (DAP) for Chittagong Metropolitan Master Plan (CMMP) on the basis of the Structure Plan and Urban Area Plan. Accordingly an area of about 1,30,000 acres (excluding restricted areas) has been considered for DAP preparation. A future 50,000 acres within the structure Plan boundary has been identified for survey and mapping only. But in reality, due to accommodation of the fast growing areas and growth centers outside City Corporation area, the surveyed area and planning area are extended up to 1,90,233 acres or 297 sq. mile (770 sq.km) and 1,70,702 acres or 267 sq. mile (691 sq.km) respectively. Out of the total surveyed area, 3801 acres are restricted area. The policy should represent the recommendations made in the Structure Plan as policies and Under Development Plan as guidelines.

– Primary and secondary control point establishment using RTK-GPS static survey technique;
– Physical feature, topographic and landuse survey using Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) and Total Station (TS);
– GCP survey using RTK-GPS/DGPS/TS;
– Socio-economic survey;
– Environmental survey;
– Traffic and transportation survey;
– Economic activities survey; and
– Development of GIS database.
Planning Packages:
The Detailed Area Plan (DAP) consists of:
– Land use plan;
– Development control and zoning plan;
– Transportation network plans;
– Drainage and environmental plans;
– Utility services plans (gas/water supply/electricity/telephone);
– New urban area development plan; and
– Special project plans (Debarpar Lake Front Development Project / Karnaphuli River Front Development Project).

Funding agency: Government of Bangladesh