Duration: June, 1994-March, 1998 Second bhola irrigation project


Bhola Island was protected against floods and sea water intrusion by the Coastal Embankment and associated regulating structures built under the Coastal Embankment Project in the 1960′ and 1970’s. Three of the Island’s thanas i.e. Bhola, Borhanuddin and Lalmohan were developed in the early 1980’s – 1990’s in Bhola Irrigation Project-1. The same development strategy were taken for the other three thanas of the Island i.e. Charfession, Tazimuddin and Daulatkhan under this project. Major items of works were:

a) Surface Water Augmentation – Reexcavation of 667 kms of existing island checks, b) Command Area Development – 10 nos. 56 lit/sec LLP would be installed in each thanas as pilot demonstration schemes and another 290 LLP would be installed during Project Implementation stage by the beneficiaries, c) Flood and Cyclone Protection – Improvement of existing coastal embankments including resectioning and retiring embankment for 32 and 8 km respectively, d) Rural infrastructure Improvement – Rehabilitation and construction of 37 km of type A, 28 km type B of feeder roads, appurtenant bridges and culverts and improvement of 12 growth centres, e) Institutional support – Procurement of equipment, rehabilitation and improvement of existing offices and residential buildings.


– Collection of reports, maps, data and other information
– Engineering survey and investigation
– Preparation of design criteria
– Review of Thana Development Plan
– Checking of Improvement, Embankment retirement and resectioning
– Contract Documentation
– Construction supervision
– Impact monitoring
– Reports.

Funding agency: Asian Development Bank