Duration: July, 2015-March, 2020 Consultancy services for governance and infrastructure improvement (gii) under city governance project (cgp) for targeted five (5) city corporations


Cities in Bangladesh are growing rapidly and playing a crucial role in the development of the national economy. However, this rapid urbanization is creating serious problems. The population of the country is around 150 million as of 2013, out of which urban population is 45 million (29% of the total). It was 28.6 million (21.2% of total) and 34.6 million (24.6% of total) in 2001 and 2006, respectively. This indicates that the urban growth rate is much higher than the total population growth rate. The urban population is expected to continue increasing and it is estimated that 39% of the country’s population will be concentrated in urban cities by 2030.

The objective of the project is to improve public services and promote economic opportunities in the target CCs. In order to do so, the function of the CCs need to be enhanced by strengthening their administrative capacity and improving urban infrastructure which should ultimately contribute to the economic growth and improvement of the living environment as well as the quality of life (QOL) of the citizens.


a. Governance and Infrastructure Improvement Management Unit
– Preparation of detail operation plan;
– Assist on implementation and management of all component;
– Overall coordination of environmental/social consideration and action;
– Preparation of inclusive list and investment plan;
– Stakeholder consultative process;
– Communication with relevant officials;
– Study of IDP;
– Practical collaboration with TCPs;
– Support PCO and PIU in stakeholder meetings/working group meetings etc.;
– Coordination with BME team for performance review;
– Regular report to PD and JICA;
– Monitoring of project activities to provide overall quality assurance;
– Monitoring of the fund flow;
– Produce inception, quarterly, interim and final report;
– Inception report;
– Monthly progress report;
– Quarterly report with physical work plan; and
– Final report.
b. Governance Improvement and Capacity Development (GICD)
– Delivery of information on ICGIAP and ARP to PCO and PIU;
– Produce/revise guideline, manual, format for appropriate implementation of ICGIAP;
– Produce/revise monitoring format and make monitoring report for PCO;
– Conduct trainings in collaboration with JICA TCP on CC’s Governance;
– Support CCs in ICT for e-governance and software for holding tax;
– Collaborate with DSM sub-team for construction of CRC and support relevant activities;
– Extend ICGIAP practice to all the 11 CCs by seminar and exchange visits;
– Promote 3R of house waste by community participation;
– Coordinate with DSM and FSMP by sharing information and lessons learnt;
– Collect information/data and assist PCO in coordination/collaboration with other related projects;
– Coordinate/collaborate with TCP on CC’s governance by JICA;
– Detailed plan of operation of the entire GII consultancy service;
– ICGIAP implementation guideline, manual, format and other necessary documents;
– Training plan; and
– Training execution and evaluation report.
c. Design, Supervision and Maintaining (DSM)
– Preparation and management of detailed operation plans;
– Coordination with other concerned consulting teams, sub-teams and relevant agencies;
– Review and confirmation of Batch-2 subprojects;
– Survey for detailed design and cost estimation;
– Detailed engineering designs and cost estimates for Batch-2 subprojects;
– Preparation of physical work plan;
– Preparation of the draft tender documents;
– Support in tendering, contract award and contract management;
– Supervising, monitoring and reporting of civil works;
– Preparing, implementing, monitoring and reporting on O&M action plans;
– Monitoring and reporting of actual physical and financial progress;
– Supervising safety measures at the construction sites;
– Supporting procedure for environmental and social considerations;
– Supporting in preparation of IEE and EIA;
– Detailed operation plan for DSM consultancy service;
– Survey report for detailed design and cost estimation;
– Pre-qualification document;
– Bidding documents;
– Pre-qualification evaluation report;
– Technical evaluation report;
– Final evaluation report;
– Environmental and social monitoring report;
– Land acquisition and resettlement monitoring report; and
– Environmental and social plan.
d. Facility, Study and Master Plan Review (FSMP)
– Review of existing master plans and relevant sub-sector plans;
– Review and finalyzing FS projects;
– Support PCO and PIU in preparing and supervising survey works;
– Preparation of subproject list;
– Assist CC/PIU in preparing/updating the investment plan in IDP;
– Organizing stakeholder consultative process;
– Feasibility study for the selected subprojects;
– Coordination with the agencies relevant to infrastructure development;
– Survey for environmental and social consideration;
– Preparation of FS reports;
– Preparation of guidelines, design, drawings and specification for municipal solid waste treatment / management options for each CC;
– Assist PIU, PCO and JICA in preparing next loan project;
– Inclusive list in each sectors in each CC;
– Subproject list in each sectors in each CC;
– FS report in each sectors in each CC; and
– Any other relevant documents.

Funding agency: Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)