Duration: July, 2013-July, 2017 Design and supervision consultancy (d&sc) services (contract package no. R-1): second rural transport improvement project (rtip-ii), credit no. 5107-bd


Improvement of Upazila Road (UZR): Improvement and upgrading of about 375 km of Upazila Road to full, all-weather bitumen surfaced standard, including construction of appurtenant structures and tree plantation. This component also includes construction of Flood Proof Upazila Road (in the flood vulnerable Upazilas) including flood refuge centers;
Improvement of Union Road (UR): Improvement and upgrading of about 250 km of Rural Road to full, all-weather bitumen surfaced standard including construction of appurtenant structures & tree plantation;
Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Upazila and Union Road (RPM): Planning and implementation of a coordinated system of periodic road maintenance and rehabilitation works for about 1,800 km (about 150 contracts) of Upazila and Union Roads, including appurtenant drainage structures & tree plantation where required;
Performance Based Maintenance Contracts (PBMC): Execution of about 150 km PBMC (80 km the second year and 70 km the third year) representing 750 km of roads maintained during the 5-year period of the contracts;
Improvement of GCM / Rural Markets (RM): Planning and improvement of about 25 GCM / Rural Markets including internal roads and footpaths, drains, sale platforms and sheds, latrines and potable water supply systems and other facilities as required;
Improvement of Rural Waterways (RW): Improvement of Mirzapur-Kaliakoir rural water ways of approximately 25 km length; and
Ghats / River Jetties: This component will also include construction of about 10 numbers of Ghats / Jetties (RJ) with handling facilities for passengers and goods like waiting sheds, loading / unloading yards, etc.


– Undertake social screening and assess the impacts mainstreaming the gender considerations in all aspects of the different project components on Indigenous People (OP 4.10) and Physical Cultural Resources (OP 4.11) and, if required, prepare and implement the appropriate mitigation plans by following the principles and guidelines in the relevant OPs of World Bank.
– Prepare land acquisition proposals according to the engineering design and monitor the acquisition process, and assist LGED in the preparation and implementation of the RAPs for each yearly work program.
– Prepare cost estimates and bidding documents for Upazila Road (UZR) and Union Roads (UR) improvement works including structures, Markets, Dredging including necessary excavation of rural waterways, Landing Stations / Pontoons, maintenance and rehabilitation of surfaced UZR and UR.
– Establish a system of Construction Supervision including setting standard procedure as per specification through demonstration and training to the contractors as well as LGED officials. Assist LGED in carrying out construction management including verifications and certifications of all reimbursement claims ensuring quality and quantity. Also establish a method of contract management as per Contract Agreement including payment to the contractors.
– Assist LGED to undertake various technical and participatory training programs for LGED staff(s) and other stakeholders on environmental management and social safeguard policies and procedure focusing preparation and implementation of impact mitigation plans as identified during project preparation. Also assist LGED to build its in-house capacity to carry out Socio-economic Monitoring and Evaluation (SEM&E) by involving them in data collection and analysis.
– Calculate EIRR, FIRR, NPV, BCR etc. and conduct Sensitivity Analyses during MTR and EOP for all candidate Roads, and Markets.
– Preparation of Project Activities including environmental management plan, land acquisition plan, engineering design and bid documents.
– Social Impact Assessment and beneficiary participation aspects and preparation of Resettlement Action Plan (RAP).
– Environmental assessment, mitigation etc.
– Preparation of engineering design and tender documents.
– Construction supervision of physical works.

Funding agency: World Bank and Govt. of Bangladesh