Duration: July, 2002-March, 2005 Engineering services for hasnabad-aminbazar-tongi 230kv transmission line


The objective of the project is checking of drawings and designs submitted by contractor to PGCB for Hasnabad-Aminbazar (Savar)-Tongi 230kV Transmission lines and Sub-station of turnkey contractors.


Checking of layout drawing of Aminbazar, Hasnabad, Tongi 230/132kV sub-stations and Kalyanpur 132/33kV sub-stations.

Lot A: Civil Works
– Checking of design and fabrication drawings and test procedures of different types 230kV and 132kV Transmission lines towers. The type of 230kV & 132kV towers are 2DL 90 nos. (46.5m), 2D1 6 nos. (52.8m), 2D25 10 nos. (45m), 2DT6 12 nos. (46m), 2×25 2 nos. (45m), and 2×60 2 nos. (52m)
– Checking of overall layout plan and checking of foundation design drawings of Aminbazar 230/132kV substation and extension of Hasnabad, Tongi 230/132kV substations of Kalyanpur 132/33kV substation and checking design of Control room building; Boundary wall and Guard House; Gantry structures for the 230kV and 132kV Switchyard and their foundations; 230/132kV single phase transformer foundations and baffle walls and auxiliary transformer foundations; Structures and foundations for CT, PT, CB, LA and all other ancillary structures; Cable trenches and trench covers; Approach and internal roads; Switchyard fencing and area boundary; and water supply and drainage system.
Lot B: Electrical Works
– Checking of design of electrical items of works includes (i) Technical specifications and drawings of equipment (transformers, circuit breakers, isolators, CT, CVT, LA and other auxiliary equipment). (ii) Protection of control schematic diagrams. (iii) Interlocking schemes. (iv) Fibre optic multiplexer equipment for communication and power line carrier communication equipment. (v) Sub-station grounding and earthing system. (vi) AC and DC systems and (vii) Supervision of testing and commissioning of sub-station equipment, protection and communication equipment.

Funding agency: Govt. of Bangladesh