Duration: July, 1992-June, 1996 Installation of 30 thousand line digital telephone at chittagong


Aim of the project was to install 30,000 line digital telephone network at Chittagong of which 12,500 lines under central exchange, 7,000 lines at Agrabad Exchange, 2,000 line for Muradpur R.S.U. and 2,000 line for EPZ R.S.U. at Chittagong, Kalurghat Exchange 2,000, Baizid Exchange 2,000, Pahartali R.S.U. 500 and Saynrikar Exchange 2,000.


– Engineering survey
– Environmental impact assessment
– Detailed engineering design
– Quantity and cost estimate
– Tender document
– Bid evaluation
– Construction supervision.

Funding agency: Bangladesh T&T Board