Duration: January 2005-June 2007 Design and supervision consultancy services: emergency flood damage rehabilitation project [adb loan no. 2156-ban (sf)] part-b: road


¬¬¬¬The main objectives of the project were to restore a total of 2,968 km of damaged pavements and 306 nos. of damaged / washed out bridges / culverts to pre-flood levels, and improve wherever necessary and feasible, serviceability of those sections of the National, Regional and Zilla roads in the greater districts of Sylhet, Dhaka, Mymensingh, Comilla, Sirajganj, Pabna, Bogra, Rajshahi, and other areas damaged by 2004 floods through Contracts generally ranging in value from Tk. 7.0 million to Tk. 70.0 million.

Name of Bridge(s) Length Name of Bridge(s) Length
Dhaka Zone Rajshahi Zone
Bridge(s) on Fulbaria-Kaliakair-Dhamrai Road 78.60m Bridge(s) on Ullahpara-Purnimagati-Tarash Road 140m
Bridge(s) on Fatulla-Munshiganj-Lohajong-Mawa Road 25.60m Bridge(s) on Nalka-Sirajgonj-Road and Shajatpur-Koyzori-Chowhali Road 30m
Bridge(s) on Aricha-Ghior-Daulatpur-Tangail road & Baniajuri-Jhitka-Horirampur 97.50m Bridge(s) on Naogaon – Badalgachi – Potnitala – Sapahar Road 40.50m
Bridge(s) on Hemayetpur-Shingair Road 58.35m Sylhet Zone
Bridge(s) on Hemayetpur-Shingair Road 51.20m Bridge(s) on Sari-Goainghat Road Showla-Sutarkandi Road and Kulawara-Barieka-Bargram Road 141.20m
Bridge(s) on Nalitabari-Papiajuri Road 65.50m Comilla Zone
Bridge(s) on Tangail-Madhupur Road 90m Bridge(s) on Comilla-Palpara-Burichang-Mirpur Road 42m
Bridge(s) on Netrokona-Kendua Road 148.9m Bridge(s) Laxmipur-Ramgati Road 35.50m
Rangpur Zone Bridge(s) on Darkhar-Akhaura-Senerbad Road, B. Baria-Lalpur Road and Bancharampur-Homna Road 70.60m
Bridge(s) on Rangpur – Mahigonj-Pirgacha Road and Kurigram-Oilpur-Chilmari Road 35m Bridge(s) on Companiganj-Muradnagar-Homna Road, Companiganj-Nabinagar-Shibpur-Radica Road, Comilla-Chandpur Road and Kachua-Gulbahar-Kashimpur-Matlab Road 84.70m
Bridge(s) on Kethlal-Akkelpur Road, Joypurhat-Rajabirat-Gabindagonj Road and Gaibandha-Balasiahat Road 55.50m


The major components of the Consultancy activities included the following:

– Review the findings of the preliminary flood assessment report prepared by RHD;
– Conduct detailed survey to identify 2004 flood damage assessment;
– Carry out flood damage assessment and prepare sub-projects;
– Carry out detailed technical design and drawings of all structures, pavements and the related components;
– Prepare pre-qualification documents, and tender documents for a single-stage one-envelope bidding procedure;
– Assist the Executing Agency in the evaluation of tenders and recommend award of contract;
– Administer the civil works contracts as defined in the contract document;
– Carry out construction supervision of the civil works;
– Certify the work accepted in accordance with the specifications and quantities achieved for payment to the contractor;
– Prepare progress and other reports;
– Assist the EA in coordinating the project implementation with the PSC, IMED etc.
– Monitoring environmental and resettlement activities;
– On-the-job training to the PIU staff of RHD etc.

Funding agency: Asian Development Bank and Govt. of Bangladesh