Duration: January, 1997-June, 2002 Design, supervision and monitoring of second rural roads and markets improvement and maintenance project (rrmimp-2)


FRB Improvement: Improvement and upgrading of about 574 km of Feeder Road Type B (FRB) in Greater Dhaka District and in Greater Rajshahi, Pabna and Bogra Districts with all weather bitumen surfaced standard, including the construction of about 2,000 linear meters of drainage structures on these roads; construction of about 1,750 linear meters of drainage structures on other FRB’s in the project area; and tree plantation along the FRB embankments.
Road Maintenance: The planning and implementation of a coordinated system of routine and periodic road maintenance of the core rural road network in the project area (estimated at about 747 km & 1300 m of structure) comprising FRBs and important Rural Roads Type 1 (RR1).
Structures on Rural Roads (SRR): Construction of about 19,500 linear meters of drainage structures (culverts and small bridges) on existing Rural Roads in the project area and other parts of Bangladesh, together with ancillary earthworks on the roads.
Market Improvement: Planning, improvement and maintenance of the market infrastructure (internal roads and footpaths, drainage, sales platforms and sheds, latrines and potable water supply) in about 136 Growth Center Markets (GCM) in the project area.
Ghat Improvement: Planning, rehabilitation/improvement and maintenance of about 41 priority rural ghats in the project area to improve landing, loading and unloading, and other facilities for operation of country boats.
Non-Motorized Transport: Pilot program to improve the role of non-motorized means of transportation in the project area, with participation of NGOs sub-contracted to LGED.
Equipment: Procurement of equipment for construction, maintenance and supervision.
Institutional Development: Institutional and human resource development to strengthen the management and technical capacity of LGED, including the provision of training, the conduct of studies and the expansion of LGED capability in the use of participatory approach to the development of rural infrastructure. Also, the construction of a net LGED District Office in the Greater Dhaka district.
Technical Assistance: Technical assistance support for implementation of project activities including the design, supervision, monitoring and evaluation of the annual work program, and support to institutional development.


The services were:
– To assist LGED in the preparation for implementation of project activities;
– To prepare, on behalf of LGED, detailed engineering designs for all physical infrastructure works, contract bidding documents and to assist LGED in all aspects of contract bidding, evaluation and award;
– To assist and advise LGED in the construction management of physical works, including maintenance, and to verify and certify all reimbursement claims including environmental management;
– To assist and support LGED in project planning, monitoring, reporting and financial management; and
– To provide advice and support to LGED in order to develop its technical, socio-economic, and project management capability.

Funding agency: