Duration: February, 2014-June, 2018 Consultancy services for sasec road connectivity project (p40540-ban/loan 2949-ban)


The Project Implementation Consultants (PIC) to assist the Roads and Highways Department (RHD) and Bangladesh Land Port Authority (BLPA) to implement the Project with the following tasks:

Task 1. For LPA, prepare detailed design and provide procurement support for the project, covering (i) construction of transshipment shed, (ii) repaving and drainage system, and (iii) development of pilot warehouse in Banapole and Burimari land ports.

Task 2. For both RHD and BLPA, undertake construction supervision for the project, covering (i) about 70km of JCT (Joydevpur-Chandra-Tangail) road and the RHD office building (RHD), and (ii) Benapole and Burimari land ports (BLPA).

The objective of the construction supervision for RHD and BLPA includes:
(i) Ensure high standards of quality assurance in the execution of work and completion of work within stipulated time limit;
(ii) Comprehensive supervision of project implementation activities carried out by the Contractor(s) to ensure complete compliance with the drawings, technical specifications and various stipulations contained in the Contract Documents; and
(iii) Efficient construction supervision by personnel who are experienced in modern methods of construction supervision and contract management.

Task 3. For RHD, undertake a third-party maintenance quality checks for about 500km of selected roads under maintenance. The objective of the third-party quality check is to undertake quality check on the works carried out by the contractor, with regard to the technical, contractual and financial aspects of the project implementation. The consultant shall provide to the RHD, the GoB and the ADB, and assessment report on the quality of the completed maintenance works.


Task 1. Detailed design and procurement support for Benapole and Burimari Land Port of BLPA
– Detailed design
– Procurement support
Task 2. Construction supervision for RHD and BLPA
– 4-laning of about 70 km highway (Joydevpur-Chandra-Tangail Road) of RHD
– RHD office building
– 2 land ports improvement (Benapole and Burimari) of BLPA
Task 3. Third-party maintenance quality check for RHD

Funding agency: Government of Bangladesh and Asian Development Bank