Duration: December, 2013-July, 2017 Engineering consulting services for management and supervision for the implementation of the national power transmission network development project

To meet up growing electricity demand and minimize the suffering of load shedding, the government of Bangladesh has taken massive program for installing power plants throughout the country. The installation works of new power plants are going on in full swing. At the same time PGCB is also building up the power evacuation facilities as needed through “National Power Transmission Network Development Project”. It is obvious that these additional power will be supplied to the consumer through the 132/330kV substations, and as a result the existing substations will be loaded more. In Power System Master Plan it has also been recommended to build new 132/33kV substations for sharing the load of highly loaded substations. Thus, the expansion of capacity of the existing substation as well as building up of new substations should be a continuous process. As a part of this process, PGCB has been conducted a study to find out the suitable locations of new 132/33kV substations. PGCB intends to construct seven 123/33kV substations and 76km 132kV double circuit interconnecting transmission line.

– Review of basic design and implementation program
– Planning
– Tender assistance
– Quality control and inventory management
– Detailed design
– Construction supervision
– Commissioning and tests
– Assist PGCB in operation and maintenance & training coordination
– Prepare reports and documents
– Liaison between JICA and PGCB

Funding agency: Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)