Duration: December, 1990-July, 1991 Greater dhaka flood protection project, fap 8a


The study consisted of preparation of a master plan for flood control and storm water drainage for greater Dhaka area and feasibility studies for priority projects. Identification of projects and preparing a programme to implement priority projects required to secure the protection measures already implemented earlier in Phase I. This project also included the construction of pumping house for protecting the city from inundation in certain areas.


– Carrying out reconnaissance survey of the flood effected area.
– Carrying out all types of engineering survey of the required for the project of embankments and flood wall rivers, khals, and existing pumping stations.
– Formulation and carrying out questionnaire survey to assess the extend of damage occurred during the 1988 flood, compilation and processing the data in the computer and preparation of reports.
– Preparation of preliminary rehabilitation design of the embankments and other water control structures.
– Preparation of cost estimate and economic evaluation and preparation of report.
– Carrying out drainage study of the city area including drainage load and disposal system.
– Indicating drainage infrastructures.
– Preparation of drainage plan and implementation strategy.

Funding agency: Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)