Duration: December, 1989-December, 1994 Flood control and drainage iv (baranai) project


The objective of the project was to increase agricultural production of the Baranai project area by irrigation schemes, flood control schemes and fisheries development schemes. The project would facilitate civil works needed to provide flood control, improvement of drainage networks, road works essentials for effective construction, operation and maintenance.


– Reviewed survey work, aerial photographs and additional survey work
– Re-evaluate the hydraulic capacities of drainage structures and drainage canals
– Assisted designing new highway bridge, railway bridge and rehabilitation of bridges
– Did Geotechnical investigation
– Prepared reports on fisheries development
– Prepared Detailed engineering design & preparation of drawings
– Prepared detailed technical specification, bills of quantities and the schedule of rates & complete tender documents
– Advised new construction technique for implementation
– Prepared manual of operation
– Construction supervision.

Funding agency: IDA