Duration: August 2004-June 2010 Preparation of detailed area plan (dap) for dhaka metropolitan development plan (dmdp) – location-15


The works of preparation of Detailed Area Plan for DMDP-Location-15 area has commenced officially from 29 August 2004. Location-15 (north -west part) with a net area of 6000 acres consisting of 2 SPZ (17.2, 17.3) lies in north-west part of Dhaka Metropolitan Development Plan Area. This zone (SPZ-17.2) has become a priority area for development as Dhaka Export Processing Zone (DEPZ) area has been set here. Other important features are Atomic Energy Centre and Dhaka Cantonment. The works involved are to determine hierarchy of settlements based on population, economic activities, development pressure, social infrastructure provision, transport, flood protection, water supply, sanitation, environment protection, tourism etc. and Detailed Area Planning and Development.


– Collection of reference materials, location maps, mouza maps (original CS, and RS) collection of geo-physical maps and reports, collection of topographical maps and reports and collection of basic statistics: present activities to determine the hierarchy of settlement based on population, economic activity, social infrastructure provision, transport links and related characteristics;
– Forecasting on population and employment based on part trends with allowanced for growth rates;
– Preparation and compilation of base map and demarcation of project boundary/area/location;
– Geo-referencing of mouza maps, establishing of ground control points and conducting GPS and Total station survey;
– Scanning of mouza maps and digitization of mouza maps;
– Topographical survey, physical infrastructure survey, land use survey, socio-economic survey and transfer of all survey information to base map;
РCommencing planning process for Detailed Area Plan based on higher level frameworks, people’s participation by communication and consultations, participation of public agencies, local communities, private developments and NGOs;
– Preparation of maps for future land use, infrastructure developments, utility services, transport networks, drainage networks, water supply networks etc. for the proposed planning area.

Funding agency:
Government of Bangladesh