Duration: August 2001-June 2004 Preparation of structure plan, master plan and detailed area development plan for rajshahi metropolitan city


In order to check urban sprawl, RDA intended to undertake survey and study for a total project area of 79,554 acres (about 322 sq. km) covering entire Rajshahi City Corporation Area, the existing area of Rajshahi Development Authority and part of Paba, Puthia and Charghat Upazilas. The plan period was for 20 years. The major objectives of the project were:

• Determination of the present and future functional structure of the Metropolitan City;
• Review of existing problems and proposed initiatives;
• Preparation of plans for improving and guiding future development;
• Formulation of priority bankable projects;
• Recommendations for institutional strengthening to improve management capacity of local authorities.


– Physical feature survey
– Topographic survey
– Landuse survey
– Socio-economic survey
– Environmental survey
– Traffic and transportation survey
– Economic activities survey.

The plan package:
– Strategic plan;
– Structure plan;
– Urban area plan;
– Detailed area plan.

Funding agency: Government of Bangladesh