Duration: April 2015-March 2018 Management and supervision consultancy for distribution network improvement under dhaka environmentally sustainable water supply project: loan no. 3051-ban

The Dhaka Environmentally Sustainable Water Supply Project will provide more reliable and sustainable water supply in Dhaka by developing a new surface water source for supply augmentation. A surface water treatment plant with a capacity of 500 MLD will be developed at Gandharbpur together with the construction of an intake at Meghna River and raw water transmission lines of treated water inside Dhaka. It has been decided that the project will also include Distribution Network Improvement (DNI) of ICB MODS zone 6 area, that will not be completed under the ongoing Dhaka Water Supply Sector Development Program (DWSSDP). The objective of the assignment are:
• Component-A: Management and Supervision of ICB 2.7 and Preparation of Outline Design, Bid Document of ICB 2.9, 2.10; and
• Component-B: Resettlement, Awareness Program and Support to Improving Areas to LICs in ICB 2.7.

– Pilot study project;
– Preparation of outline design and planning for ICB 2.9 and 2.10;
• Pipe network
• Valves and bulk meters
• Rehabilitation and construction reservoirs
– GIS and database;
– Tender assistance;
– Management and supervision assistance;
– Initial Environmental Examination (IEE), Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and Resettlement Plan (RP);
– Social strategy and gender issue; and
– Support to improving access to low income communities (LICs) in the ICB 2.7.

Funding agency: Asian Development Bank (ADB)