Duration: April, 2009-June, 2010 Rural transport improvement project (rtip) – sm: contract package sa-2



Improvement and upgrading of about 540 km Feeder roads type-B, 250 km of Rural roads, maintenance and rehabilitation of about 700 km of Feeder Roads and structures. Construction of about 1200 linear meters of drainage structures, planning & improvements of 90 Growth Centre Markets & 35 of Ghats and tree plantation along the FRB embankments. The main components of the project are: FRB Improvement, Road Maintenance, Structures on Rural Roads (SRR), Market Improvement, Procurement of Equipment, Institutional Development, Environmental Aspects and Technical Assistance.




–   To assist LGED in the preparation for implementation of project activities.

–   To prepare, on behalf of LGED, detailed engineering designs for all physical infrastructure works, contract bidding documents and to assist LGED in all aspects of contract bidding, evaluation and award.

–   To assist and advise LGED in the construction management of physical works including maintenance and certify all reimbursement claims including environmental management. World Bank Environmental Guidelines were followed to prepare the Environmental Management Framework (EMF) for the project, which was implemented carefully with special attention to occupational safety and appropriate sanitation procedures. Barrel Composting was utilized successfully for the first time in Bangladesh for solid waste management of Growth Center Markets.

–   To assist and support LGED in Project Planning, monitoring, supporting and financial management.

–   To provide advice and support to LGED in order to develop its technical, socio-economic and project management capability.


Funding agency: World Bank and Govt. of Bangladesh