Duration: April 2003-March 2006 Consolidation of institutional development component-3 (cidc-3)

The CIDC 3 project aims to complete the work that has been carried out for each of the ten outputs of the IDC 3 project completed by 31 March 2003. The CIDC 3 is envisaged to assist the GOB in taking forward some of the key components of the recently developed National Land Transport Policy (NLTP). In particular, the project will support the establishment of a Transport Sector Coordination (TSC) Wing in the MoC tasked with coordinating the activities of the Ministry with those of the Local Government Engineering Department (LGED), the major City Corporations and Category-A Pourashavas in Bangladesh. The TSC Wing will be also champion the development of a dedicated fund for road maintenance.

In addition, CIDC 3 will consolidate the achievements of the DFID funded Bridge Replacement Project (BRP). The design phase of the BRP is due to be completed by 30 September 2003 and has focused on (a) assisting the RHD to procure the services of local consultants to design and implement bridge and culvert construction contracts and (b) to develop RHD’s expertise and systems for mitigating the impact of construction contracts on the environment and project affected persons (PAP).

The consultants’ will ensure that:
• Proper financial control is exercised;
• Existing health and safety laws, labour laws and international conventions which the Government of Bangladesh has signed are fully respected;
• Suitable environmental measures are taken to manage any adverse impacts that the project might have;
• Quality Assurance and Quality Control Plans are established and used for all aspects of the project; and
• Local consultants and local construction companies are rigorously pre-qualified and selected according to pre-determined criteria and procedures to be agreed with RHD.

– Institutional assessment for governance improvement;
– Human resources development and training of local and overseas;
– Development of management information system;
– Development of road and bridge management system;
– Economic prioritization of activities using HDM;
– Establishment of design standards and construction documentation;
– Training and Manpower Development;
– Development of local contractors.

Funding Agency: Oversees Development Administration (ODA)