Duration: April, 2002-December, 2002 Installation and expansion of digital telephone exchanges in various district head quarters of bangladesh: supervision of construction of microwave tower and allied works


The main objective of the project was construction of foundation and erection of Microwave Self Supported Lattice Tower under the project “Installation and Expansion of Digital Telephone Exchanges in various District Head Quarters of Bangladesh” for Interconnection of Exchanges with Microwave links. CMEC was the Contractor for the project. The Microwave Towers was installed in the following places:

Sadarpur (Faridpur) 88m, Madaripur 100m, Gopalganj 85m, Bagerhat 73m, Khulna 97m, Bandarban 100m, Jhalokathi 70m, Bhola 88m, Lakshmipur 88m and Pirojpur 88m.


– Checked excavation and back filling of the foundations; checked concreting of all kinds as specified including reinforcements; checked concrete field samples test results; checked the laying of grounding cable; checked grounding testing results; checked tower erection work; checked cable attachments; checked cable trays/race ways and ducts; cable laying/installation including accessories; checked power cable installation, lighting, warning lighting and lighting; checked painting works; checked construction protection works; checked adoption of safety measures; assisting in witnessing Provisional Acceptance Test (PAT); and ensure the quality of materials used in the tower construction works.
– Supervision of construction of foundation work; supervision of Erection of Microwave Towers; and supervision of installation of allied works.

Funding agency: Bangladesh Telegraph & Telephone Board