Duration: April, 1992-July, 1996 Coastal embankment rehabilitation project – construction supervision of works of phase-I and detailed design of mid term plan, phase-ii


The objective of the project was to strengthen, extend and improve coastal embankments and allied structures. The project covered more than 490 km of embankments with several hundreds of allied hydraulic structures, improvement of drainage and irrigation system in the 23 polders, covering 1.3 mln. ha area.

Phase-I of the project – the priority works programme was scheduled for implementation in 10 polders in 1992-1993. Phase-II was scheduled for implementation in 1993-1996. The works covered more than 300 km embankment with allied hydraulic structures in 13 polders.


– Topographic survey, hydrological investigation, soils and materials investigation
– Economic evaluation and feasibility study
– Detailed design of project infrastructures
– Preparation of pre-qualification and tender documents
– Pre-qualification of contractors
– Bid evaluation and selection of contractors
– Construction supervision, quality control and project monitoring
– Environmental and resettlement issues
– Socio-economic impact assessment
– Community development and Institutional development
– Social afforestation
– Participatory O&M of infrastructure
– Training.

Funding agency: EEC