Duration: 2010-2015 Telecommunication network development project (tndp) of btcl under jica oda loan agreement no. Bd-p53

Objective of the Project: In order to improve the existing telecommunication services of Bangladesh, in terms of quantity as well as quality, thereby contributing to the development of the private sector and the country’s the following objectives of the project are:
To increase, in line with guidelines of Bangladesh’s International Long Distance Telecommunications Services (ILDTS) Policy 2007, the interconnection capacity of BTCL’s ANS (Access Network Services) network with different newly licensed ICX (Interconnection Exchange) Service providers.
BTCL’s ICX Network with different ANS (Fixed, Mobile and WLL) operators’ network and newly licensed IGW (International Gateway) service providers
– To increase the capacity of International Gateway (IGW) Exchange(s)
– To install/increase the capacity of Pol (Point of Inter-connections) in five major cities of the country
– To install Optical Fiber Cable Network around the country and to rehabilitate existing terrestrial microwave links to improve the existing capacity & capability of BTCL’s network.
– To install/increase the capacity of broadband network, including FTTB/ FTTH (Fiber to the Building Home) and xDSL/ADSL (Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line) system, in major cities and their surrounding areas.
– To introduce NGN (Next Generation Network) and IP (Internet Protocol) capability in BTCL’s network.
– To introduce Wireless Access [by CDMA WLL (Code Division Multiple Access Wireless Local Loop) and WiMAX or World wide Interoperability for Microwave Access] capability in BTCL’s network.
– To increase the capacity of BTCL’s In (Intelligent Network) for enabling introduction of new VAS (Value Added System)
– To install a 24x 7 NOC (Network Operation Centre) for BTCL’s network
– To install Computerized Accounting System for BTCL.
The consultant shall submit the following reports and documents to BTCL authorized personnel:
a. Inception report’s, Site inspection and survey report; b. Master plan for BTCL for next 10 years; c. Quarterly progress report; d. Final report for each project component; e. Verifications of as built drawing; f. and any report required for the project & BTCL
Detail scope of consulting services and scope of works divided in two components: (a) Engineering services (b) Details of other implementation services.
a. Engineering Services:
Details of engineering services are described below, and the time and job staggering of consultant manpower for engineering services shall have three (3) distinct phases:

Phase 1: Detail Design Phase
– Field Survey: Review of previous studies including SAPROF and appraisal documents
– Basic and Detail Design: Technical and financial feasibility study on other alternate methods and cost reduction by fulfilling desired quality of services
– Plan optimum systems and network design as per current requirements of BTCL
– Breakdown different project components in to practical tender components
– Cost estimation for different component
– Preparation of pre-qualification and tender documents including technical specifications, training programs, evaluation criteria draft contract templates and commercial documents in collaboration with BTCL
– Submission of soft copy and required number of hard copies (as indented by the project office of BTCL)
– Attendance of pre-bid meetings
– Reply to bid enquires
– Corrections (if necessary) of tender documents as per results of pre-bid meeting (s) and/ or any change initiated by BTCL/consultant.
Phase 2: Evaluation and Contract Phase
Assist BTCL Evaluation teams for preparation of Evaluation Reports of different bids of tenderers including followings:
– Assist BTCL in preparation of answers to subsequent queries
– Assist: BTCL in ascertaining bidder(s) compliance to various clauses and sub-clauses of tender documents
– Assist BTCL to ascertain capabilities of different bidder(S) to turn-key completion of all works related to the relevant tender
– Assist BTCL to ascertain the exactness of the BOQ submitted by the bidder(s) relevant to tender
– Prepare list(s) of “Responsive” bidders
– Prepare comparative statement(s) of tender bids
– Identify the “Successful Bidder” for different tenders
– Assist to BTCL in contract negotiation with successful bidder(s) and preparation of relevant bill of quantities (BOQ) of the contracts
– Sign relevant contract(s).as Witness”
Phase 3: Installation/Construction Phase
– Check and Review of the designs and drawings submitted by the contractor(s) ensure compliance with technical specification and field conditions
– Assistance to BTCL in Factory Tests if desired by BTCL
– Installation/Construction supervision and submission of reports
– Witness to acceptance Tests and commissioning of system(s)
– Checking and certification of As-built drawings and BOQ submitted by contractor(s)
– Assistance to BTCL for preparation of project completion report(s) to be submitted to JICA.
b. Details of Other Implementation Services
In addition to the Engineering Services described above, the consultant will be required to provide the following and implementation Services. In order to fulfill its obligations, the consultant shall keep an office in Dhaka for the entire period of its contract.
Liaison Services:
– The consultant shall assist BTCL in submission of various reports and feedbacks to JICA and provide necessary presentation(s), if required by JICA. The Consultant will also act as the liaison between BTCL and JICA and other Government Organizations relevant to the project.
– The Consultant shall assist to BTCL to inform JICA of any change(s) in scope of work, project cost and implementation schedule due to unavoidable and unforeseeable reasons and the relevant countermeasures.
Co-ordination Services:
The consultant shall co-ordinate with the contractors to ensure that all designs, specifications and technical procedures of the project are fully in line with the scope. The consultants shall also co-ordinate with contractor(s) for solution(s) of any problem(s) faced during implementation of the project.
The consultants shall be required to submit to BTCL, the following reports and documents for approval of BTCL.
– Pre-qualification document(s)
– Pre-qualification evaluation criteria(s)
– Tender documents including technical specifications, general terms and conditions and contract
– Cost estimation report(s)
– Reply to bid enquiries
– Monthly progress reports
– Reports on acceptance test procedures
– Project completion reports
Funding agency: JICA ODA